July 04, 2014

RFID Protected Cases and Backpacks from Swiss Gear


As electronics have become so integrated into our daily lives, so has the prevalence of data theft. Think the sensitive information on the credit cards, debit cards, passport, and driver’s license you’re carrying around is safe? Think again. Nowadays, nearby fraudsters are capable of reading your personal and financial information without even having to physically swipe or look at it. How? Through RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification)-reading equipment. Luckily you can protect yourself from becoming the next victim of RFID theft by investing in RFID protected gearSwiss Gear has a wide selection of cases, backpacks, and bags to choose from that will not only put fraudsters out of business, but also make you look sharp while doing so.


What’s RFID and Why Block it?


Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the wireless use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from microchips containing sensitive data. These microchips are commonly embedded in many of today’s portable identifiers like bank and identifications cards, and chances are, you have a couple sitting in your wallet right now. The scary part is, it’s never been easier for fraudsters to get their hands on inexpensive RFID-reading equipment; in the wrong hands, someone nearby could be scanning and capturing all your personal information for malicious use without you even realizing it!


So how can you protect yourself from being electronically pickpocketed? The solution: invest in an RFID blocking product. RFID blocking products will fully shield you from RFID theft as the inner walls are lined with a special metallic material that significantly reduces the communication between an RFID reader and the microchips in your bank and identification cards. It’s great to see a reputable and well-respected brand like Swiss Gear raising awareness of identity theft through microchips by offering a wide range of RFID protected products like business cases and backpacks. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect travel, work, or school bag, Swiss Gear has you covered. Check out some of my personal favourites below: